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Hey there, it's me again with another Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky question!

The item Trawl Orb, when used, brings every item on the floor to you. Does this work for Kecleon Shops?

Whenever you steal an item from Kacleon, he yells "Theif!" and begins attacking you. He has crazy powerful attacks, and to make matters worse he summons an army of his Kecleon co-workers to fight you to. All in all, it's an impossible situation.

This is why I'm afraid to use Trawl Orbs. If I draw in Kecleon's items, will he attack me? Or will it just leave his stuff alone?


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Ah, Kecleon Shops. I loved robbing those in PMD: Blue Rescue Team. Then my save file corrupted. ;-;

To answer your question, yes, Trawl Orbs pick up items from a Kecleon Shop.

If the player refuses to pay, tries to pay with insufficient funds, or walks out of the shop afflicted with certain status conditions (such as confusion), the Kecleon will label the player a thief (which will get the attention of nearby enemies) and attack the player, while other Kecleon appear to battle the player. Using a Trawl Orb has the same effect, as Kecleon shop merchandise is counted among the floor's unclaimed items.

Source: Bulbapedia

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Thanks a mil! Now I know only to use it when near the stairs :)
No problem! That's actually one of the methods in the link I posted on your wall :)