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In my PMD: Explorers of Sky, I want to make it to th top of Destiny Tower to see the Arceus statue face-to-face. Here are the challenges I have to surmount:

>1F-99F + Summit
No items allowed
Money reduced to 0
Only team leader let in
Reduced to Level 1
All IQ abilities disabled
Traps cannot be spotted
Cannot be rescued

I'm not too worried about not being able to be rescued, but the rest of it! This place is Zero Isle times infinity. Has anyone had experience with this dungeon and is able to offer me advice on how to get through this dungeon?

I've made it to the top once, with Smoochum. Really though I found Zero Isle South harder than this dungeon, although it could be my luck. (I did do a lot of Sweet Kiss shenanigans x3)

Moves that hit an entire room are very helpful. Smoochum got Powder Snow really early, so the surprises like Monster Houses and exploding Drifblims were easier to deal with.

Never let your PP drain for too long. Traps and Monster houses (like those on level 14 and 46) are everywhere, but Max Elixers are surprisingly common. And more than half the time you'll see that the hunger bar is the real problem. Eat cherries, eat seeds, heck even grimy food but don't let it creep up for too long. Apples are kinda rare, so grab one whenever possible.
Robbing Kecleon is another way of getting fresh fruit.

That's all I could think of, the dungeon is hard and long so rest in the middle and collect your thoughts whenever you feel worn out. Oh and be careful on the 90s, there are gosh darn Perish Song Politoeds there >.<, and I'm telling you you'll never forgive yourself if you succumb that close to victory xD.
Is seeing the tower worth it?
I did it for the fuzzy king-of-the-world feeling. The reward is a Globe of some sort that seriously bolsters the power of moves. If you want it then this is pretty much your only choice.
A tip for destiny tower: use Mew. You can recruit him after a few attempts in the mystery jungle, which is accessible after you rescue scizor. The special missions appear in the café. Since Mew learns all TMs, you don't run out of PP as often. Mew's above average HP also helps.
Thanks! I already beat Mew once, I'll just do it a few more times.

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You have to be really patient for dungeons like this. Many people believe you should go through and rush to the top. DO NOT do this.

I've never made it to the top, but I have come close (77F) using this strategy:

1) Level up a few times on each Floor or two (this gets a little tedious and you should head to the stairs as soon as you can).

2) Items (I can not stress this enough. Items, especially Apples, will help you tons. So, find as many as you can. Also, if you feel a Pokemon is too risky to fight, run away if possible.)

3) SAVE SOME ITEMS FOR MONSTER HOUSES (one thing that always murders me is the dreaded Monster House. Save Orbs, such as the Spurn Orb or Petrify Orb for these cases. This also allows you to fight the Pokémon one at a time and help level you up)

4) Lastly, Stay Calm (You can't get through this dungeon without being calm and collected. Keep stress to a minimum and don't feet of you fail. The dungeon is meant to be difficult).

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I would use Articuno. It levels up decently fast, has very high attack and special attack. It knows Powder Snow from level one, so it will be able to handle monster houses. I'd recommend picking up every item you find, except for throwing items. Max Elixirs will be very useful, as from experience, moves lose PP faster than you'd think. For the first 10-15 floors or so, make sure you level up at least once each floor. Save some items for monster houses. If you have low HP, try to naturally heal instead of wasting an oran berry, although if there are other Pokemon around, you will want to eat a berry. Use sitrus berries to raise your max HP by two, instead of healing with them. Hope some of this helps