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I found this on Serebii's 'Pre-Release Screenshots' of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I have played through the game up until the Manaphy mission (I'm delaying the process as long as possible – gotta overlevel my Vulpix) and I have played Explorers of Darkness up to the end of the Darkrai mission, and I have no recollection of ever seeing an Arceus statue! When and where in the game does this happen?

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This happens randomly after drinking beverages at Spinda's Cafe juice bar. The Cafe is accessible the day after the player and his/her partner complete Mt. Bristle.

Cup prizes
After drinking something at the juice bar, Spinda may look at the bottom of the cup and say that the player is a winner. This grants the player access to a previously unexplored dungeon. Beside access to new dungeons, the player may be given an Egg by a random Pokémon, or even complimented by a random Pokémon that wants to join the player's Exploration Team.
Dungeons that can be unlocked after drinking something include: Lush Prairie, Serenity River, Happy Outlook, Lost Wilderness, and Destiny Tower.

Destiny Tower is where the viewing of the Arceus statue occurs.

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