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On Serebii's page for Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, it says that Zapdos can be found on the 7th floor of the Electric Plateau if an Enigma Part or Secret Slab is in the bag. However, in that same Serebii's
Dungeon List, it does not have any information on the Electric Plateau! How do I unlock this dungeon?

EDIT: There is also no information on how to unlock the Great Volcano, where Moltres resides.

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There is no "Electric Plateau" dungeon Zapdos is in Amp Plains

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Okay, that's what I suspected. And by "Great Volcano" I assume they mean the "Giant Volcano", where Heatran is found?
Yes that is where heatran is found i played this game so much i have every legendary including darkrai
But is that where Moltres is?
Giant volcano floor 10 with the enigma part or secret slab
Also you will get a mission from someone in spinda's cafe that will unlock all the dungeons to get the 7 treasures you just have to be patient
I already have Sky Stairway, Bottomless Sea, Mystery Jungle, and Shimmering Desert. I have recruited Mewtwo, and now I'm, on my way to recruit Zapdos at Amp Plains and then Deoxys at Shimmer Hill.