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I think this will wrap up my Explorers of Sky questions for today.

What are all of the "spread" attacks in EoS? By "spread" I mean any attack that hits all Pokémon in the room. The ones that I know of are:

Silver Wind
Ominous Wind
Earth Power
Roar of Time
Spatial Rend

Are there any more?

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>These moves affect all enemies in the same room as the user. If used in a hallway, these moves only affect enemies within a 2 tile range or visibility, including Ghost-types in walls. Obviously, these moves can be very useful in clearing out a room if they do damage. As a result, damaging moves in this category have even fewer PP than line of sight moves.
Attack Order
Dark Void
Heal Block
Heat Wave
Powder Snow
Sweet Scent
Silver Wind
Roar of Time
Earth Power
Spacial Rend
Ominous Wind
Odor Sleuth
Draco Meteor

Source: Bulbapedia

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Spore?! Wow! Thanks. Is this the only way to hit Ghost-types in walls without either being a Ghost-type yourself or having a Mobile Scarf?
Yes, I believe this will hit anything on the floor, but don't quote me on that ;o