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This is a continue for my previous question http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/89340/in-pmd-explorers-of-sky-can-you-get-arceus. I heard that Lucario and Riolu were good because they leveled up faster but I have neither so any others that lv. up fast like them? Before I used Mew,Raquaza,Palkia,Me(Empoleon),and others.

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  • Palkia is IMO the best one to take. It is in IQ group J, which has the best skills. Stair Sensor / Map Surveyor / House Avoider / Absolute Mover. Energy Saver is also incredibly useful.

  • Kyogre is very useful due to his great stats.

  • Mew can use Transform, being super helpful here.

  • Kecleon is also very amazing. Harder to recuit than use in DTower.

  • Dialga is great. IQ group I. Many resistances.

  • Metronome Users work well. Specifically Snorlax.

  • Lucario does not work too well. IQ and weaknesses are important. One type Pokemon are edgy, unless special conditions.

And my source is running through this tower with every Pokemon.

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Lucario is a great choice and so is Ninetails.