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Ok so I have been on this idea for a week now and I need help.
This sounds crazy, but I am preparing for Pokemon X and Y so then I can get it over and done with.
And this is the idea:
Getting a baby Growlithe and Gible.
But I am stuck on what egg moves I should get them and which natures suit them to the fullest.

p.s. could you give a nickname for Gible (Cause I don't know what to name it)

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Good natures for Gible: Adamant, Lonely, or Brave. All raises attack, which Gible has high attack, a boost in that will make Gilbe better. Never get Hardy or Serious, the negate themselves.

Recommended Gible egg moves: Iron Head, Outrage, Sand Tomb

Good natures for Growlithe: Brave, Mild, Quiet, or Rash. Growlithe has a balance physical and special attack, so any of these are good to raise one and not hinder the other.

Recommended Growlithe egg move: Crunch, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Heat Wave, Morning Sun

If I'm going to give my Gible nickname it would be something like Gargoyle or Chomp-whomp. Something that relates to Gible.

This answer is my opinion and there might be a better answer.

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i don't mind oppinions. thanks
Cool, no probs. I bet someone is going to have a better nickname recommendation for Gible though.
I have some: Jaws / Chompy / Swipe / Slash?
i thought of slash too lol. i think slash since its pretty legit xD
If Slash is chosen, would you put a guitar and a black hat in a musical/contest?
My Gible's name was Shark XD