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  1. How do I pass Dark Hill?

  2. Can I evolve a Pokemon, and if I can, how?

The two characters I`m using are Bulbasaur and Charmander


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>Dark Hill
15 Floors




>-Ghost Pokemon can pass through walls.
-Recruit Level: Very Hard

Also Claydol can float across water (due to levitate). I had Bulbasuar and Piplup, so it was actually easier for me since I had a few water moves to deal with Claydol and Gliscor. If you keep getting KO'd, you just need to be at a higher level.

I'd suggest you be around level 30 when entering Dark Hill. Just go to other places to level up; doesn't matter how many days you take.

You can only evolve after you beat the game. The Luminous Spring is where Pokemon go to evolve, but it's currently messed up by the time/ space disturbances, so it's not working. You need to beat Darkrai and have everything return to normal.

When it's "fixed", you will see Teddiursa go in and evolve into Ursaring (just after your graduation exam). You will follow, but the Spring will tell you that you and your partner cannot evolve.

You need to have beat Darkrai, then recruited Dialga, Palkia and Manaphy. After you've recruited Manaphy, he (it?) will tell you about Marine Resort. Beat Marine Resort, go to the Luminous Spring (I think with Dialga and Palkia, or maybe it's just that you need to have recruited them), and then you will be able to evolve your starters.

You don't have to do all that if you don't want to evolve your starters; you can evolve any other Pokemon after the Spring is fixed, i.e. when you see Teddiursa evolve.

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Oh, no! I feel like giving up and starting over. x_x I hope it dosn`t take long.
I think you should try a bit more. Sometimes it's to do with luck; I was beaten by Dialga for about 5 times, and the time I finally beat him I didn't even have to take more than 2 hits. :O

Coming back to the game after leaving it for a while helps too. :x
For you it was five times. For me it was fourty. :O It is way more frustrating to know that you lost that many times and got nowhere near the end. X_X
!!! Now thinking of it, I got too far into the game to give! I will try as hard as possible with what you told me. Even if it takes decades! :D
It happened in less than a day! I leveled up enough to blow through the enemys, and got out of the future! :D
Well done; glad it didn't take forever. XDD