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For example, if I use the maximum amount (I believe it's only 9) of Calciums, Irons, HP Ups, etc on my Pokemon, could it prevent me from maxing out 2 stats on the Pokemon that was fed the stat boosters? I'm playing Emerald for the first time as I have just got back into Pokemon and don't know much about it past the second generation.


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Maximum amount of vitamins you can use are 10.

They will not effect your Pokemon's EVs negatively. A Pokemon can have 510 EVs maximum, though in effect it's 508 (since every 4 EVs is a stat boost, 508 is the closest number divisible by 4). Using vitamins will increase your Pokemon EVs the same way training it will, but there's just a limit on how many you can feed a Pokemon (10 for any stat).

Vitamins are a faster way of EV training, since you can add 100 EVs to any stat without having to fight wild Pokemon.

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I'm kinda familiar with the max amount of EV's and how many of each booster can be fed to a pokemon. I guess I should have asked if feeding one pokemon ALL of the max amount of stat boosters can prevent me from maxing out two stats completely. Thanks for the answer!
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Um, Calciums, Irons, HP Ups, all those add EVs, they don't raise the stat by a whole point. So no, using them won't be messing up your EV training, because using those items IS EV training. ;)