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Ok, so I know what they do. Why isn't there a page that tells you how many you have and when you are out?


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Pokemon Black and White, the judge at the battle subway will tell you ivs, and on the Xtranceiver in Pokemon black 2 and white 2, Bianca will tell you if a Pokemon has maximum evs. They both dont tell you the exact ivs/evs, so I recommend using this. In Pokemon X and Y, there will be a new form of training just for evs called Super Training. You will be able to see evs during Super Training.
I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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is this B/W1 or B/W2?
B/w2, i will see if it's in b/w 1.
im playing B1.
i saw about super training too
I can't wait till X and Y just for super training alone.