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I've noticed alot of people say what their pokemons evs are and i was wondering if there was a simple way of finding out my pokemons evs.

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Not really, most of the People on this site,

Ev Train - Which is where you battle specific pokemon, to get specific Ev's.

So if you don't count up what Ev's you're getting from who, There's no way to tell afterwards.

Although if you know your Pokemon's Iv's ( Individual Values ) Any user with access to Pokemon Online

Could Fill in the Ev's until the stats matched those of your Pokemon.

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Okay, thanks for telling me I'll make sure to keep count next time I ev train.
No problem. :]
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you get ev's from ko'ing other pokemon. so if you knew what every pokemon you've ko'd with that pokemon is then you can tell what your ev's are.

the people listing their ev's are ev training their pokemon so that they get the stat boosts they want from them.

you can use the -base stat +happyness berries to reset your ev's to 0 but that may take a bit of work just to get enough berries to do so.

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How can i get the berries in white/black?
The Dream World, Although they take forever, to the point that you could probably Ev train a new one by the time you obtained enough.
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No, The only thing you can do is assume. You can also just count or ask this question on the internet.

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