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Makes no sense.Kenny sais it to her all the time.Why ?

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I think it's related to her [unknown] last name or it's a nickname given to her from childhood.

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They call Dawn Dee-Dee because when she was little she was holding the class pets (Plusle & Minun) and she got shocked then she looked like she had diamond dandriff. she now has a fear of Plusle & Minun. Source: Serebii

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so thats why.....Tnks !
she got over it (somewhat) during one of her Contests against Ursala. it happened again DURING the contest, but Dawn just ignored it and went on. I actually applauded her courage against one of her greatest fears. even when Ursala PUBLICLY humiliated her, Dawn still found the strength to continue. i found that pretty cool.
That's why I admire Dawn. She 's the best!