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Here Are It's Moves:

  • Aura Sphere
  • Close Combat
  • Extreme Speed
  • Rock Slide

Which One For This Lucario?

(Nature Is Quiet.)

*Extreme Speed
(Again Forgot About Edit Button.)
I'm Thinking of This Moveset:

Zen Headbutt
Aura Sphere
Ice Punch
If your using a pysichal set dont use aura sphere like Dewott_Double_Dawg said its as good as useless close combat is much better providing more power.
wait... 2 fighting moves?? keep both Extremespeed & Rock Slide. Get rid of Aura Sphere.

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Extreme speed is what I would go for because of your nature
Plus it has better accuracy
If you're team is in a horrible situation and Lucario has low HP and the opponent has low HP extreme speed could help.
Rock Slide is only better if the opponent is a ghost type.
I would go for extreme speed though

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"Rock Slide is only better if the opponent is a dark type."

What do you mean by this??
Meant ghost, sorry
Rock Slide Is Coverage.