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On my Pokemon black I recently caught a lvl 50 riolu and evolved it. The problem is Im having a hard time deciding weather it should be a Special or Physical attacker sense I cant teach it sword dance because I don't have a heart scale but he was born with a attack boosting nature. ( Calm )

Heres his current info :

Lvl : 55
Nature : Calm
Attack : 118
Defense : 98
Special attack : 143
Special Defence : 95
Speed : 107

Moves :
Flash canon
Close combat
Nasty plot

Also is there anyway to get rid of strength? And should I make my lucario purely physical or special and what item do I give him and how do I get it? , Thanks

I'm pretty sure the nature calm dosnt boost the attack stat quite the opposite actually, last time I checked

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Special. Your Lucario is born a Special Pokemon, as Calm is +Special Defense, -Attack.
Get rid of Strength by going to Mistralton City and going to the move deleter.

Try a Life Orb with Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, and Dragon Pulse.

You get a Life Orb in Gear Station with 48 BP.

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