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I heard nidoking has deadly stats just like lucario but who has the better stats to use in black or white?

Take into account Nidoking's Sheer Force ability; it powers moves that have a secondary effect up by 30%, but the secondary effects are ignored.

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Nidoking > Lucario. For sure.
Wide difference in my opinion.

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This guy has some monster stats, perfect for ingame use. He learns atleast one move of every time providing great coverage against random Pokemon coming in at you. His moves are perfect for all the gyms in the Game, and his offence is a great way to sweep through the game with not much difficulty. He is not only based on Offence, his HP and Defensive stats are also decent, making him take hits and attack back at the same time.
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He has potential, he does indeed. But he is frail in comparison to Nidoking. Some things to say would be the awesomeness of Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Dark pulse, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake are just great. His movepool is epic providing him with many options to choose from. Many times he will be considered better than Nidoking, and the way that he has nine resistances is also amazing.

Nidoking (Bulbapedia)
Lucario (Bulbapedia)

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My choice: Nidoking.

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And Nidoking's usually set of Poison Jab/Earthquake/Brick Break/Shadow Claw has amazing coverage
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Lucario has a base attack of, 110, and a base SpAtk of 115.

Nidoking has a base Atk of, 92, and a base SpAtk of 85.

Nidoking has slightly better defenses however, at Def, 77, and SpDef of 75.

Lucario's are both 70.

So if you want a Pokemon that can come in and deliver a swift,fatal blow, go with Lucario.
If you want someone who can take a hit and do some damage go with Nidoking.

Personally I'd go with Lucario, unless you EV train Nidoking in Defense and SpDef.

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Well, Nifoking attack stats aren't as high as lucario but his movepool is moreunique that that of lucario.
Nidoking's notable moves :
earth power
fire blast
Ice beam
sludge wave
stealth rock
Focus blast
Elemental punches
Poison jab
Lucario's notable moves
Aura sphere
close combat
Bullet Punch
Ice punch
Extreme Speed
Dark pulse
Dragon pulse
Stone edge
Nasty plot
So basically, Lucario hits harder but his movepool has lower variety and is fragile.Nidoking hits lighter but got better bulk.