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wow,the exact same answer
You too fast! :o
who's to fast?
He answered 6 seconds before me :)
Bit... Late...
this answer was completely unnescesary.  There were already two answers that say the same thing as yours.
no, he doesn't deserve a downvote
yeah dont copy others answers. The other two answers were answered in the same minute soo this is not a good answer.
Don't be too mean, he's only 8.
Well we probably answered at the same time.
But it is an bad answer anyway
Yeah, true.
Guys, stop downvoting.Just hide the answer
I can't, I don't have that authority.
me neither
why don't we just remove all the downvotes but flag the answer instead to hide it ?
Teod53 what a good idea.But I'll change my downvote (I downvoted)
I don't have the authority either...
i suggested this beacuse the guy only wanted to help.
Who upvoted?
what ?
i did not copy it i looked at the events page