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If your pokemon are above lv.50, their stats reduced to what they were at lv.50, I know that, but what happens to any evs you got\lost after lv. 50? Let's say I have a Pinsir with an attack of 190(I do)and that Pinsir is at lv.51, and I fed it a protien. it's attack would rise to 201(example),but if its attack was 200 when it was lv. 50 would It stay like that for the battle tower, or be 201 at the battle tower? What im basically saying is, do evs after lv. 50 affect your stats in the battle frontier?

I really do have a lv. 50 Pinsir with 190 attack. thats ev traing for you. lots of it! His nickname is Hyrule

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Okay. I think I got it.

your pokemon's Stats (except for HP) are determined using this formula:

Stat=({[IV +(2*B)+(EV/4)]L/100}+5)Nature

IV-Your pokemon's IV value for that stat

B-Your pokemon's base stat. (For instance, Mew has a base attack of 100)

EV-The number of EVs your pokemon has in that stat.
L-your pokemon's level

Nature-If your pokemon has a beneficial or hindering nature.

By lowering your pokemon to level 50, that lowers the value in the equation, lowering their stats. but they return to normal after the battle of course.


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No I mean do evs after lv. 50 affect your stats at the battle tower
Evs have the same effect regardless of your level. The only value that changes in the battle tower is your level.