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Hello! I am playing Crystal and I'm planning to go against a couple friends soon, so I've built a team that I tried to max out on stats by first feeding all my team vitamins in each category till 'it will not have an effect', then spent hours in the ruins of alph battling countless unowns (with the help of Exp Share). I kept a spreadsheet to keep track of stat increases (using the 'box trick' after each visit to the ruins) till my Pokemon were no longer gaining any (after approx beating ~900-1000 unown each, partially through Exp Share).

They've since been levelled up to 70 and I'm comparing the stats to the level 70 Pokemon in the battle tower (data on the website Psypokes.com) which I have in common. They all seem to line up roughly, except for my Vaporeon which is noticeably below than the Battle Tower one, and I'm wondering why this is? Precisely:

Mine vs the Battle tower:

HP: 315 vs 318
Attack: 145 vs 149
Defense: 137 vs 152
Special Attack: 207 vs 218
Special Defense: 187 vs 197
Speed: 149 vs 158

In other words, apart from HP and the (relatively useless) Attack, my Vap doesn't measure up. Any idea why this is? I'm fairly confident mine is maxed out, according to my spreadsheet it beat 1325 Unowns after being fully pumped on vitamins and no reason for it not to be if my other Pokemon are.

I don't know much about the intricacies of the stats etc., is this a case of my Vaporeon having 'bad genes'? Seems like a significant difference. Asking mostly out of curiosity at this point!

I’m not super knowledgeable on how the Gen 2 equivalent of IVs work, but if they work like IVs do in Gen 3+, then each stat could have up to 15 points less than the absolute optimal value if you bad IVs.

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In gen 2 there were slightly different IV's as compared to later generation. They vary from 0-15 and are randomly generated. It is better explained on Bulbapedia(obviously) but essentially at lvl 70 your defense can vary from 133 to 154. Your stats suggest a value of 3-4(out of 15 max) for IV. The Battle tower appears to have 13-14.

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Aw unlucky I guess, as I suspected :( Good to know anyway; is there any of way of actually yelling in advance (in Crystal)?
Assuming you meant telling instead of yelling there might be some online tools where you can enter your levels and EV(DV for gen2). I use such tools but for gen 5 mainly. There should be some online.

Of course if you meant yelling then of course you can yell anytime you want, be it crystal gold or silver
Ha sorry, telling is indeed what I meant. Thanks for clearing this up :)