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i caught registeel but I didn't get the iceberg key


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You can't get the Iceberg Key beacuse you can't catch Regice in Black 2.You can catch it only in White 2.

In White 2 you can catch

Regirock and Regice, NOT REGISTEEL

In Black 2 you can catch

Regirock and Registeel, NOT REGICE

So we conclude that Regirock can be caught in both games.Regice can only be caught in White 2 and Registeel can only be caught in Black 2

Source: I have White 2 and I've caught Regirock and Regice

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you aren't supposed to get the iceberg key, you can only get that when you beat regirock in white 2

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no b2 w2 you cant get regice on b2 and you cant cach registeeel in w2