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I realize that they are both fighting types, making it a bit hard but I think he just might fit
if you wanna see my team,

This is for OU
if Terrakion doesn't synergize, then I'm open for some fast physical sweepers suggested by you

They both have a grass weakness. If they synergized then they wouldn't share a weakness.
Raped by Mamoswine.
thats what I thought...
mamoswine rapes a lot of teams ya know :D
tbh I dont see what it has to do with your team. Scarfed Terrakion destroys Mamo. Keldeo would as well.
yea but ice shard gets through those close combat drops
Close Combat would destroy Mamo in one hit (OHKO) so anyways, What your asking is if they synergize. the answer is no, they don't. Mamoswine has nothing to do with it :P
They also both have a psychic type weakness.

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First off... synergy isn't always about types. Think about dat double-dragon core. They just rip through by eliminating each other's counters.

Synergy could also be about stats in terms of something like SkarmBliss.

Anyhow... Keldeo and Terrakion. Interesting.

Well, first off I see two devastating sweepers in their own right. With equal stats on each side of the spectrum in terms of attacking, they both are pretty awesome by themselves.

Dual-fighting core. With Water and Rock STAB. This actually looks decently viable.

Keldeo and Terrakion also serve as an epic anti-weather core, with Keldeo dealing with rain, Terrakion dealing with sand, and both easily countering sun.

Overall... not the best core, but certainly decent.

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Keldeo and Terrakion Do Not synergize well. Keldeo only covers Terrakion's water weakness. But by looking at your current team, Terrakion and Keldeo would work because Celebi and Heatran resist Psychic and Grass, Salamence resists Grass 4x, and Celebi and Salamence resist water.

Lol better than mine for sure :D