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Like the question says. Whenever I try to add Keldeo on a team, I go 'why am I using this water unicorn over the ninja frog?'. So, is there really any significant reason to use Keldeo over battle bond Greninja? This is on the sweeper role as I don't think I'm ever gonna use a non scarf Keldeo in singles

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No, there really isn't. The only thing Keldeo has over Greninja is running Calm Mind but that doesn't justify using it at all. It peaked in ORAS for sure. I don't feel like writing a full answer at the moment but there honestly isn't much else to it
I agree with Codeine, I also can’t honk of anything that Keldeo do better than Greninja
A Choice Specs Ash-Greninja with Surf will be destructive.
Ash Greninja is also super fast and has a monstrous Sp Atk stat of 153 and is very speedy with a 132 Sp Stat.
So Keldeo just pales in comparsion to Ash Greninja

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There are no significant reasons to use Keldeo over Greninja. Use Medicham or Lopunny if you want a good fighting Pokemon.

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So the only significant thing it has is being able to use defensive mons as setup fodder?
No. It also does the stuff mentioned in the first paragraph, like checking Greninja, and takes less damage from stealth rock.
So, only those three are the only things it has over bb Greninja? That ain't much
Keldeo is just one of the 781 Pokemon that you're allowed to use. Nobody is trying to make you use Keldeo. I'm just trying to explain why a few people chose Keldeo and 5 teammates over the other 775 Pokemon.
I get that but the original question was 'is there any significant reason to use Keldeo over the frog'. So, I was asking if these three are the only things it has over the frog, which isn't really much
Yeah you're probably right. I edited my answer.
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Firstly, it is worth mentioning that Greninja gets an outstanding movepool, having access to Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Extrasensory, and the list goes on.

However, Keldeo gets Hydro Pump, Focus Blast, maybe a calm mind but otherwise another icy wind.

Their movepools are already drastically different, with Greninja having outstanding coverage, whereas Keldeo just gets decent Stab moves.

Onto their abilities, Justified is complete useless on Keldeo. If you want to use a Justified user, use Terrakion. It's much better in comparison to Keldeo. However, Greninja's ability, Battle Bond, spikes Greninja's stats to allow it to become a massive wallbreaker and a huge threat to the meta.

Additionally, Greninja spiked in usage in doubles due to one of its egg moves - Mat block. Mat block protected both the user and its teammate in battle, allowing its teammate to just set up with swords dance and sweep the next turn. Greninja is a beast in both singles and doubles.

Lastly, Greninja is a much faster pivot, boasting a 122 base speed - which is enough to outspeed most of the entire meta. If it equips Choice Specs, all that is required is to knock out one mon, which it can if set up properly, and continue spamming Hydro Pump to deal serious damage and wallbreak. Smogon also says that Ash Greninja is completely unpredictable, with everyone typically believing that the Greninja is generally Protean, and might switch out say, Dragonite, due to fear of Ice Beam. Another great niche about Greninja's movepool is that it can use Water Shuriken, which if it is Ash Greninja mode, could possibly deal 100 base power damage with priority, which is what makes it relatively feared.

Greninja is much more viable than Keldeo due to its movepool, ability, viability in doubles, can set up spikes, can mat block and is faster. Keldeo may have a higher special attacker, but Water Shuriken and its superior base stats as Ash Greninja is absolutely terrifying.

Hope I helped.
EDIT: As sumwun mentioned, Keldeo can pose as a great check to a variety of Pokemon. However, as a wallbreaker, Keldeo is unversatile and almost everyone knows to switch Tyranitar out at the sight of Keldeo, whereas it isn't so clear for Greninja because it may be Protean, which scares a lot of users, prompting some to even switch out flying types just because of the possibility of ice beam.

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threatening Dragons and Rocks with Ice beam.

Wdym threaten rocks with ice? Ice is neutral to rock
Rock is super effective against Ice, Ice is neutral against Rock...
As detailed as this is, this isn't what I'm looking for. I'm talking about ash Greninja not the protean one
Sorry - that was supposesd to say ground. And I'll change it to Ash-Greninjna too
Does battle bond Greninja even get mat block? I thought it couldn't breed and it's only in singles btw
Mat Block isn't an egg move tho.
You're right. I think I'm getting blind lol

But still. In simple terms, this answer basically says there is no reason to use Keldeo over Greninja?