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So I recently played Pokémon Sun on my 3DS and leveled my my Greninja to level 100 and I saw it's speed stat of 305, I was wondering if it was faster than Deoxys-Speed since it was "the fastest Pokémon" and all.

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Even when Deoxys-S has 0 IVs in Speed, no EV investment, and a hindering Nature, it has 328 Speed. Therefore, your Greninja isn't as fast as Deoxys even at its worst. If Deoxys-S had 252 Speed EVs, a beneficial Nature, and 31 IVs, it has a monstrous total of 504, second only to Regieleki, which isn't in Gen 7.

Deoxys-S dips below 305 Speed when it has a hindering Nature, 0 IVs and no EV investment when it's at Level 93. Your Greninja will only outspeed if all that criteria is met.

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