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I’m just wondering, since Shuckle is tied for slowest Pokémon and Deoxys-Speed is the fastest Pokémon.


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If you specifically aim to minimize Shuckle's speed, it can have as low as 13 at L100. That's low enough that a level 2 maximum-speed Deoxys-Speed can outrun it, and even at level 1 you can get a speed tie if Deoxys holds a Choice Scarf.

You can make Shuckle even slower by having it hold Iron Ball or Power Weight, either of which will reduce its speed to 6. At that point, a freshly hatched level 1 Buneary (among other possibilities) can outspeed it.

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Funnily, It would. A level 100 Shuckle's speed is 46 and a level 10 Deoxys-speed is 44.
Source: PS teambuiler.
I will love imagining:
Rahat sent out Shuckle!
You sent out Deoxys-Speed!
(Deoxys's Pressure!)
Shuckle used Substitute! (lol)
Deoxys-Speed used Acgility!(Are you okay)
Edit: If Shuckle and Deoxys speed have 0 IVs at speed, then Deoxys would outsped shuckle.

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Haha at Deoxys