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For a long time now I have been trying to get my inceneroar to level 100, but it is not working out too well. Could someone give me some tips on how to get to level 100 the fastest in sun and moon?( I am champion now so.. yeah)

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I would have to say the the Elite Four is the best way to level up your Pokemon.
Before battling any of the four, make sure you do the following:


  • Activate the Exp. Share so it is ON. This allows Pokemon to gain experience, even if they don't participate in the battle.
  • Give the Pokemon you are training a Lucky Egg (if you don't have one yet, go talk to Kukui in his house). This increases the amount of experience gained by 50%.
  • Bring the Pokemon you are training's affection hearts in Pokemon Refresh to at least 2 (can be done easily by feeding it a single Rainbow Bean). This increases the amount of experience gained by 20%.


  • Have that Pokemon you are training be the only receiving experience. This means all other Pokemon in the party are level 100, fainted, or the Pokemon you are training itself (I do not recommend battling the Elite Four with a level 1 Pokemon, or with only Pokemon in general).

Very Optional

Now I have done extensive research on what Pokemon are the best to take down the Elite Four with ease and efficiency.
I, myself, currently use:

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Mold Breaker
Item: Pinsirite
EVs: 4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spd

Earthquake (Combined with Pinsir's Mold Breaker, can sweep all of Olivia's Pokemon in one turn, including Sturdy Probopass and Golem)
Return (Combined with Mega Pinsir's Aerilate, can sweep all of Hala's Pokemon in one turn, although Fake Out from Hariyama still takes away a turn)
Brick Break


Nature: Modest
Ability: Snow Warning
Item: Light Clay
EVs: 252 SpA 4 SpD 252 Spd

Aurora Veil
Freeze Dry/Ice Beam (Combined with Snow Warning, can sweep all of Kahili's Pokemon in one turn, including Sturdy Skarmory. Can also sweep three of Acerola's Dhelmise, Drifblim, and Palossand in one turn)
Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam (Can faint Acerola's Sableye and Froslass in one turn, although Fake Out from Sableye still takes away a turn)

With these two Pokemon, the first trainers are a breeze, taking a minimum of 22 turns and 1 in-between-battles switchout, with damage only received by Hariyama and Sableye's Fake Out, and Skarmory's Steel Wing. The challenger in always random, but can be swept depending how you battle them, including Kukui's Snorlax, in one turn.

Very Very Optional

Recently, I have discovered a Pokemon that can take down the Elite Four single all by itself: White Kyurem. With the Special Attack boost, as well as Turboblaze, it can take the Elite Four down in 22 turns, since Hariyama and Sableye still flinch, and 0 in-between-battle switchout. Since Turboblaze is basically Mold Breaker, White Kyurem can faint all three Sturdy Pokemon.

Nature: Timid so it can out-speed Crobat
Psychic for Hala
Earth Power for Olivia (only obtainable through Move Tutor in OR/AS)
Shadow Ball for Acerola (I would personally use Fusion Flare for more coverage, since Ice Beam takes out three out of five of Acerola's Pokemon, and can faint Froslass and Skarmory with ease)
Ice Beam for Kahili

So, I hope this helps in anyway. To summarize, Exp. Share on, Lucky Egg held, Affection up. Battle the Elite Four fast so you can fight it again faster for faster experience. White Kyurem is Delete Four.

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Why has nobody put up a Chansey SOS Method yet?

This is probably the fastest and least cost effective way of grinding to Level 100 (not "buying" your Pokémon to Lv. 100). :P

Before attempting this method, you must:

  • Beat the Elite 4
  • Have a Level 60+ False Swiper

And these are optional actions that speed it up:

  • Use Adrenalin Orb(s) (Highly recommended)
  • Turn off battle animations
  • Use a traded Pokémon (if you have one from another game; traded Pokémon level up faster)
  • Use EXP. Share (not switching saves you more time and EXP than switching does)
  • Have your Pokémon in training hold a Lucky Egg (Boosts EXP)
  • Max out your Pokémon in-training's Affection (Boosts EXP)
  • Use Roto EXP (Ultra Sun/Moon Only; highly recommended)

Go to Poni Planes. Walk by the rustling bushes, and flee from anything that isn't Chansey. If you don't encounter Chansey in either of the bushes, leave the area and go back (this may take a ffew tries, as Chansey only has a 20% encounter Rate). If you are in US/UM, use Roto EXP if you wish before fighting a Chansey. You'll likely find one before it runs out. Also, if you start a battle with a Roto EXP active, the EXP boost stays the entire battle, even if the Roto EXP would run out before the battle ends (and if it would, it does immediately as the battle ends).

When you fight Chansey, False Swipe it to 1 HP. If it doesn't call a Pokémon (or the help doesn't appear), use an Adrenalin Orb. Whenever Chansey doesn't receive help, either Recover HP in some way (if needed) or use another Adrenalin Orb (if you use an Adrenalin Orb a second time, it will fail, an not be used up, so you can use that as a way of burning turns without attacking).

Keep KOing Chansey (while always keeping another on the field) and gain the most EXP per KO in game. If a Blissey appears, KO it, not Chansey. Blissey gives double EXP that Chansey does, but does not SOS call at all, so if you leave Blissey on the field, and not Chansey, you ended you EXP grind.

This is how I got 30+ Level 100's. It may not be the funnest way, but it works. :P

Hope I Helped!

Because this is Sun/Moon, not the ultra versions.
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You can rebattle the elite four ever and ever again, even after you become champion. This is the fastest way to level up to lvl 100. Also, there's the ultra beast mission where you can kill the ultra beasts over and over, and they never disappear unless you catch the required amount. Hope I helped!

Source: Knowledge

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If you used a lot the festival plaza you can easily level up your Pokemon:
if you have 2 five star restaurants you can bring a Pokemon to level 66 and order Rare Dinner in your Rare Kitchens
1st Rare Dinner => Level 73
2nd Rare Dinner => Level 80
Order Rare Buffets to level up further
Level 80 => Level 89
Level 89 => Level 98
Use the 2 Rare Candies to finish Leveling up
Level 98 => Level 100

it takes about half an hour if you have averything set up, if not I encourage you to do so because after that you can have all Pokemon you want at level 100 in a day!

hope it helps

What Plaza rank will you have access to those?
you  don't have to reach a certain level you can easily find someone on your plaza that has it and you can have them to recommend you an attraction. All you need is a lot of festival coins (or whatever it is called) but with all the events you can have a good amount pretty fast.
Speaking of, I just found a Festival Plaza Visitor who gave me a Rare Kitchen 2 Star for 100 FC.
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I dont do it very fast, but I fly to battle tree and grind on the close grass. it works, but is inefficient and easy.
(just for reference, each battle gives ~1,000 Exp no roto exp or lucky egg)