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Yes it is any Pokemon can breed with ditto as long as its not in the Undiscovered egg group

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ive tried but larvesta and ditto dont get along and ive left them in four three day.... no egg
@skitty101 If the daycare man says they play with other Pokemon, then no egg will be formed, however, if they don't like each other much, they can still produce an egg. Although the chances are much higher... BTW: Egg hatching doesn't use real-time, instead the egg producing process increases by every 255 steps. For every 255 steps you take, an egg may be in the Daycare.
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yes it is, ive breeded every Pokemon even eevees so you can but if theres a legendary you want to breed it cannot be done!!!

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The only exception to this is that manaphy can breed with ditto to produce phione.