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No, the purpose of a Ditto in breeding is for the Ditto to become the Pokemon its breeding with's opposite gender in order to make an egg. So, for example; Put a Ditto and an Arcanine ( no matter the gender) in the Pokemon DayCare and keep walking around and check on it every once in a while and when the egg comes just hatch it and it should be a baby Growlithe!
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can i breed starters?
Yes you can Breed Starter pokemon (at least you should)Cause of that now I have 3 of all the Starter pokemon!
ditto only give birth to male pokémon?
No, you can get either gender from a Ditto.
when the eggs hatch is it possible to reset and change the gender of the egg?
No, gender is preset from the moment the Egg is received.
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No it can be any gender if you breed with a ditto
but you cant breed legendarys with ditto.

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No, Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that CAN breed. And with Ditto, the genders don't matter. It's the exception!

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Dittos are genderless, meaning they can breed with any male or female pokemon that is able to breed. (legendary pokemon can NOT breed at all)...

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What totodile means by "able to breed" is that they can't be fixed or they'll shoot blanks :)
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No you can breed boys or girls HOWEVER on my games the guy take longer to breed the ditto
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