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In Sylveons page it sais : Sylveon does not evolve.How can we possibly know that ?

It says now and isn't it a bit obvious from the look AND the name it's evolves from Eevee?!
wait, pokemaster owns this website?!
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Hello, owner of the site here. The exact reason the page says that is because the Pokemon is new, I haven't added any evolution chart yet (plus the evolution method is not known). So it just says that message by default. We know it evolves from Eevee but we don't know of any other evolutions and such yet.

Note at the top it says, This page is about a new Pokémon; details may still be sketchy.

Anyway I changed it a little while ago to say, The full evolution chain of Sylveon is not yet known. So that should be a bit clearer.

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Because of what StarPower said, and this image: link.

If Sylveon had an additional evolution (which is unlikely in any case), the official Eveelution chart would have shown it to evolve into something else.

Found on the official Pokemon X & Y website, here.

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Because it evolves from Eevee. In the past they have never let an Eeveelotion evolve. Excluding Eevee of course.

yes but,Sylveon may be a special eeveelution.How is Pokemaster so sure ?
hmmm...Ok.Got it.Thanks guys :D
When they released D/P/Pt they didn't give Leafeon or Glaceon evolutions now did they? :P Same in this case.
yes, but a reason it could have another evelution is because they have only released 1 eeveelution here. it could have a evelution itself to make up for only being 1 new eeveelution.but im just trying to figure out the logic here, and im probably wrong.
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You want an honest answer? We have no possible way of knowing until game freak tells us. in all likelihood this is not the case, but Gamefreak can surprise us. All we know is that it evolves from eevee through an as of yet unrevealed method, and is of an unrevealed type, and is shown battling opposing Pokemon such as krookodile in a short video released by Nintendo. Until then, well have to wait and see