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Do you have to trade/transfer Pokemon from an older generation game cartridge in order to get these two moves on Eevee/Sylveon?

If so, how could you tell if any particular Eevee on the GTS has the move/s? (IE: What might they say in the description specifically to let you know? What acronyms do they use?)


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Both moves are unavailable in Gen VI.

The only way it can learn both of those moves is as an Eevee in Black 2/White 2, from the Move Tutor. So yes, you will need Black 2 or White 2 to get a Heal Bell/Hyper Voice Eevee.

As for your second question, there is a good chance they won't state what moves the Pokemon has, but if they happen to do so in the rare occasion they might just simply say 'Heal Bell' or 'Hyper Voice' in the description.

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Heal Bell

It can't. You can only get it in Gen 5 and it must be tutored the move.

Hyper Voice

It can only be tutored this move from BW2 so you can only use it with Pokebank.

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