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I want a Sylveon for my oras team, but it doesn't seem to be possible anymore to get the required Eevee :(


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No, you're right, it isn't possible. You can't get an Anticipation Eevee with Hyper Voice and Wish. Because Hyper Voice and Wish are move tutor moves from generation 3, before Hidden Abilities existed. And Hyper Voice and Wish are not Egg Moves in generation 5 and 6, where are the only places you can breed Eevee's HA onto it. So, you can only make this specific Eevee with hacking, or on battle simulators.

However, the generation 3 move tutors might come back in OR/AS, like in the originals! So that way, you can teach the moves to a HA Eevee in OR/AS. So at the moment it isn't possible, but when the new games come out, it might be!

I hope I helped!

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Wish isn't a tutor move its an egg move
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Actually there is.

What you need to do is have a female Eevee with Anticipation in Gen V. The only way to get a female one is via Dream World, which is now defunct (the Eevee you get from Amanita is always male). However if you have one/ know a friend willing to trade you one (through InfraRed), you can get an Eevee with Wish and Hyper Voice.

You need to chain breed the Female Eevee Wish from Delcatty (which needs to be bred Wish from Togetic).

Then take your resulting Eevee with Anticipation and Wish to the move tutor at Lentimas town in B2W2 and teach it Hyper Voice for 6 Blue Shards.