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I hate all the OP buffs that Pokemon Refresh provides, but I want my Eevee to evolve into Sylveon.
I know Eevee only needs two hearts in Refresh to evolve, but this is the same amount that provides boosted EXP.
Is it even possible to be the original trainer of a Sylveon and not have it gain boosted experience?


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Unfortunately for you, two hearts is when Pokemon receive 1.2x more EXP, and there isn't a way to evolve into Sylveon differently.

However, if you get an Eevee from a different OT and evolve it, then trade it away and back again, the affection will reset because Pokemon only remember affection/happiness from their OT. If you have more than one DS and copy of SM/USUM, then this should be no problem at all. This I know from experience.

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Thanks, I know this is not my question. But it helped me as well.
Glad I could help.