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Soundproof, or something with the same effect
Shadow Tag, or something with the same effect

Scary Face or something with the same effect
False Swipe

Optional Moves:

Information about Breeding to get the desired moves would be helpful, but simply mentioning a Pokemon that can have the fallowing desired effects:
Immunity to Roar
Immunity to wild Pokemon using Run

would be greatly appreciated. Any Pokemon mentioned to me I'll do the required research myself to see how it's done. I just need to know which one it is. The only requirement is it has to be something available in Gen IV HG.


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I am sorry but there is no Pokemon like that. Leavanny can learn Grass whistle and false swipe. Many Pokemon can learn Mean look and False swipe. but none of them have your required ability's.

check on the moveset Calc.

PX ;}

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