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This is my team
Ability - Intimidate
Item - ?
Nature - Brave
Stats - HP 186 Attack 162 Defense 118 Sp.
Attack 144 Sp. Defense 107 Speed 135
Moves - Heat wave Extreme speed Thunder fang Dragon pulse
Ability - Blaze
Item - Charcoal
Nature - Rash
Stats - HP 170 Attack 125 Defense 116
Sp. Attack 166 Sp. Defense 106 Speed 154
Moves - Eruption Earthquake Focus blast Flamethrower
Ability - Hustle
Item - Scope lens
Nature - Quirky
Stats - HP 177 Attack 84 Defense 144
Sp. Attack 164 Sp. Defense 161 Speed 123
Moves - Psychic Air slash Hyper beam Aura sphere
Ability - Water absorb
Item - Mystic water
Nature - Brave
Stats - HP 224 Attack 108 Defense 91
Sp. Attack 160 Sp. Defense 124 Speed 84
Moves - Surf Shadow ball Blizzard Waterfall
Ability - Static
Item - ?
Nature - Careful
Stats - HP 180 Attack 103 Defense 115
Sp. Attack 141 Sp. Defense 127 Speed 99
Moves - Thunderbolt Iron tail Signal beam Power gem
Ability - Leaf guard
Item - ?
Nature - Naughty
Stats - HP 168 Attack 105 Defense 101
Sp. Attack 89 Sp. Defense 96 Speed 159
Moves - Energy ball Aerial ace Protect Solar beam

NOTE - I do not want to replace any of my Pokemon except maybe Jumpluff.
I also would like some moveset suggestions too especially on Jumpluff and Ampharos.

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You don't really need items ingame, you can get along fine without them
berrys work every time, you could get attack boosting items, i mean; just experiment, you will find a great combo eventually
ps: the best way to look at is what your pokemon suffers from most and try find a convenient item that works for your pokemon.
good advise. I try to stay away from disposable items though because its just a pain to replace them after each battle.

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I'm not amazing with suggestions, but these would work well in my opinion:

Arcanine: The Life Orb would be good for this, as it seems to be built to hit hard and fast.
You should probably run Flare Blitz over Heat Wave, and Iron Head or Crunch over Dragon Pulse.

Typhlosion: This should probably have a Choice Scarf (or Specs) to give it a boost. You should probably run Extrasensory (or Hidden Power Grass, if possible.) over Earthquake so it's fully special.

Togekiss: This should hold the Leftovers, so it can regain some HP each turn. Or maybe an Expert Belt for increased SE damage. Also, run Flamethrower or Shadow Ball over Hyper Beam.

Vaporeon: Vapor should hold the Leftovers so it can regain HP each turn as it's a Bulky Pokémon. Run Ice Beam over Blizzard, and use Protect or Toxic over Waterfall.

Ampharos: Ampha's a Bulky Pokémon, so it should probably have the Leftovers. Or maybe the Wise Glasses to increase it's Special Moves. You should probably have Thunder Wave or Focus Blast over Iron Tail.

Jumpluff: If you're alright with replacing this Cottonpuff, then maybe use Breloom instead? Breloom's a good Physical Attacker (which the team is lacking), and also a Grass type.
It should probably have: Spore, Brick Break / Drain Punch, Swords Dance, and Seed Bomb. Make it hold the Focus Sash as Breloom is frail and needs to at least get a Spore off on something.

If these items are too hard to get, you can use any of these on your team:

-Type effectiveness Berries
They aren't that good, but they might let one of your team members live a hit they may not live without it.

-Sitrus / Lum Berry
The Sitrus Berry is actually a good item in actual competitive too, so this isn't a bad idea, as your Pokémon may need a HP boost. The Lum Berry is just in case of Pokémon that like to inflict Statuses.

-Quick Claw
This is a good item for any slow Pokémon (like Vaporeon and Ampharos) to use so they can maybe hit first and KO something.

-The Elemental Plates
These generally aren't the best, but they're decent if you can't get anything better.

Hope I helped in some way!~

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good idea with Breloom! Where can I find a Shroomish in HG?
I had a quick claw on my Arcanine but took it off to look for another item since it already goes before alot of stuff anyway.
(mostly because its been about 15 levels higher than everybody else ingame. that being said its speed stat is not the greatest.)
Shroomish can be found in Viridian Forest.
Thanks.  What ability is good on it? Ive never raised one before.
Poison Heal is generally the best ability for a Breloom. But either of it's abilities can be used decently.