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You get different items on the routes but I haven't found anything good yet. What are the best items you can get on pokewalker?


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The advanced routes have much better items, particularly the wi-fi event routes:
Winner's Path has Choice Specs, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash.
Night Sky's Edge has Moon Stone and TM29 Psychic.
Stormy Beach has PP Up which is useful.

To get the best items you have to have walked a lot of steps in one day, over 10,000 in some cases. Once you get to midnight the steps reset to 0 and you can't get those better items.

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You can get almost every good item on the pokewalker it is just very hard. You have to have your steps up so high that you really have to walk for a long time. Some items you can find are Magmarizers, Choice Specs, and Rare Candies. So just keep looking!