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Ability: Pressure
Hydro Pump, Calm Mind, Aurora beam, Blizzard
Nature: Bold
I am trying to find good ev's for it and I can use tm's If I need to but I want a good suicune who is bulky and hits hard. And what item should I put on it.

i was going to ask the same question.

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Since your Suicune is Bold Natured, you can run the CroCune Set...

Suicune - (Holding Leftovers)
252 HP / 252 Defence / 4 Special Attack as the EV's
And the Moveset is; Scald / Rest / Sleep Talk / Calm Mind.

(Set is stolen from Smogon)
It takes just about every hit, and if you can set up with Calm Mind you'll be doing a lot of damage. It isn't very offense based, but it's good.

But if you want something more offense based...

You should probably (if possible) run a Modest Nature, with 252 HP / 252 Special Attack / 4 Defence / as the EV spread.
The moveset should look like this; Scald / Ice Beam / Extrasensory / Calm Mind /.
Shadow Ball, and Signal Beam are other options. and Surf (in place of Scald).
The item should probably be Leftovers, so Suicune can recover some health each turn.

Hope I helped!~