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Raising my competitive Primarina and need help with it.

I have 5 max ivs in everything but defense. Doing EV training now. I need to Max my sp.atk EVs but I'm getting a little confused along the way.

Im using a power lens on it with a exp share. I have tapu koko fighting some Ghastly sos chains in front

So here are my 3 Questions:
1. Does this setup work?
2. How many EVs will I get from fighting 1 Ghastly PLUS another one from sos
3. Can I sos chain as much as I want and still get EVs? and how many EVs do I get per Ghastly I knock out?

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A power lens gives 8 special attack EVs per Pokemon.
Tentacool gives 1 special defense EV per Pokemon.
This will allow you to max your special attack EVs, but it will make it harder to max another stat that isn't special defense. If you want max special attack and special defense (which is probably not as good as max HP and special attack), then yes, this will work. If you want a different spread, then you should do something else.
In the scenario in the second question, you will be defeating two Tentacools, so you will gain 16 special attack and 2 special defense EVs.
I don't see why longer chains will stop giving EVs.

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Wait i thought tentacool gives 1 sp.atk D:
nope, gives off 1 Sp. Def