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When you assign playtime for a stat its max is 99 but the max EVs for each stat is 252 is it just 252/99 = 2.54545... or is it something else?


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The amount of EVs gained per session on Isle Evelup depends on the level of the island. I'll assume that you're referring to a level 3 island; and in that case, your Pokemon will gain four EVs per 30-minute session on the island. (At island levels 1 and 2, they will gain one EV and two EVs respectively.)

The playtime assignment screen you're referring to lets you choose how many 30-minute sessions you want your Pokemon to do. If you max it out at 99, then your Pokemon will receive 99 * 4 = 396 EVs, which will take 49.5 hours to complete in total. Of course, you only need 252 EVs to reach the maximum, so you can set 63 sessions instead, for a total of 31.5 hours. You can then halve this to 15.75 hours using PokeBeans.

As you have probably deciphered already, the Isle Evelup is a very inefficient way to train EVs. Your PokeBeans are better spent on the Isle Aplenny.

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Eh I like thats its AFK ev training.
There's that to it, but I never saw the need given how fast Pokerus + Power items + SOS chains gets the job done.