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Basically if I give my level 1 litwick the ev training when do those take effect? I already know it doesn't immediately get all the stat boost. But when would it get it? When it levels up? At a certain level? Does it depend on its growth rate?


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While I'm not sure when they "take effect", level 100 is when 4 EVs = 1 stat point.

At level 100, a Pokémon's stats will be one stat point higher in a specific stat for every four effort points gained in that stat.


I believe its stats will start to boost when it levels up, but the difference is much more noticeable at level 100.

Hope this helps! :)

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Ohhhhh I see so it matters most at level 100. Thanks!
No problem! :)
Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant EVs specific to Poke Pelago, not to just EVs/level ratio lol. My bad.
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In modern Pokemon games, stats are recalculated every time a parameter like EVs is changed; so the EVs gained from Poke Pelago are 'applied' to your Pokemon instantly. In past generations, EVs are recalculated mainly after level-up, so you'd get latent EVs that do nothing until the next level up. You don't have to worry about that in Gen 7, though.

I'm mostly answering this question to give extra clarity on how EVs affect Pokemon at each level, because the existing answer is a little bit misleading. It's true that at level 100, the amount of EVs needed to gain an extra stat point is at its lowest; however, it is no better proportionately than at any other level. The effectiveness of EVs scales down linearly with level, just like base stats and every other parameter. Precisely, the amount of EVs needed to increase a stat by 1 is equal to floor(400/level) (usually, as you'll see).

The amount of EVs needed for low-level Pokemon to gain another stat point is distorted by the heavy impact of integer rounding at those levels. Because of this, other paramaters like base stats and IVs affect the amount of EVs needed to get an extra stat point. (You can understand why this is if you think about all the moving parts in the stat calculation formulae, and how the game chops off decimal points.)

There is no hard-and-fast rule to tell you whether Poke Pelago EVs will increase a level 1 Litwick's stats; but you can rest assured that they are considered in the calculation of its stats. Most of the time, investing all 252 EVs into a level 1 Pokemon's stat will be enough to increase it by 1 (and sometimes, as few as 4 will be enough!) but this is obviously subject to the maths. Whatever combination of factors gets you above the next integer is good enough.

Also, because stats are constantly recalculated by the game using an unchanging formula, it doesn't matter when your Pokemon gains EVs -- they'll have the same impact on your Pokemon's stat total so long as all other variables e.g. level, base stats, IVs and nature are the same. So a level 50 Litwick EV trained at level 1 is no different to another level 50 Litwick EV trained at level 50, assuming all its other attributes are the same.

Do not feel bad if this is hard to understand or if it's all a shock to you. Most resources online rely on simple explanations of EVs that work for the majority, but leave inquisitive people like you with more questions than answers.

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Isle Evelup is an island that acts as passive training. On this island, you can put groups of 6 Pokémon into the island to play, and then give them specific drinks. These drinks will improve their stats. The Pokémon are put into the island for play sessions that last 30 minutes, and you can set how many play sessions the Pokémon go through. Depending on the level of the island, the Pokémon gets 1, 2 or 4 EVs respectively every play session, so at Level 3, 4 every 30 minutes meaning to get 252 you'd need to have 63 sessions lasting 31 and a half hours. Poké Beans will speed this up so that the play sessions only last 15 minutes per session.

Basically, as soon as you're done with a session, you get the EVs for it. (1, 2, or 4 depending on the level of your island.) The level of the Pokemon you deposit is irrelevant.

Source - https://serebii.net/ultrasunultramoon/pokepelago.shtml

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Really? So I could get a level 2 pokemon with like 70 attack? But why does lc ignore evs? Or is that only because swsh is different?
No. Low level pokemon can still have EVs. You can check this yourself. It's just that they won't increase your stats that much when you're like level 1. For example, a neutral natured level 1 Litwick with 31 Attack IVs will normally have 5 Attack, but if you give it 252 Attack EVs, it'll have 6 Attack.