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This features are very usefull and i'm interested in thoose games, I want to plan ahead.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it’s called Pokejobs and they’re available at the PC. Jobs that raise exp are available the moment you reach the first Pokémon Center, but you can only do the EV raising jobs once you get to Hammerlocke after getting your third gym badge. Unfortunately, Pokéjobs are much less effective than Isle Evelup. Even though it works in pretty much the same way, Isle Evelup could get you 4 EVs every 15 minutes per Pokémon, while Pokejobs only give 4 EVs every hour per Pokémon. I haven’t compared the effectiveness of the exp training, but I’m pretty sure it’s on par with Isle Evelup’s rate, especially once you get later in the game.
I’ve found that it’s much more efficient to EV train using Vitamins, since they no longer cap at 100 EVs and once you’ve reached the postgame, it is insane how quickly you can get BP in the Battle Tower or on ranked online battles. When making your first team, just rent the rain team from the NPC at the Battle Tower and use that to get BP until you’ve built a team of your own.

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I usualy have few time to play, so in situations like mine maybe the isle evelup and alike is still the best. But i can see that maybe has better options for people who can spent more time playing. Thanks for your asnwer, it was very helpful!
You can also gain EVs faster on the Hammerlocke university jobs by giving your pokemon a power item as a held item (e.g., the power anklet, power band, power belt, power bracer, power lens, and the power weight). You can obtain them at the central Hammerlocke Pokemon Center for 10 BP each. They allow you to max out the EVs of a pokemon's stat in 24 hours, which is really handy if you don't have much BP to buy vitamins.