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So far I've had five Pokémon come and leave, including an Adamant Shellder. Now there's a Magnemite and Trevenant and I want them. I've also seen people get Shinies in Poké Pelago, and if that ever happens I need to be prepared. So what makes Pokémon stay? Do Rainbow Beans have any effect? Do I have to leave beans on the ground? What's the secret?

I've been wondering the same thing.
After enticing a Lapras to stay, I checked the Serebii page to see if it gave any clues.  The only information I found was that at different points in the game, the rarity of which Pokemon may appear changes based on your story progression, and that more Pokemon species become eligible.

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I've only had like two stay and 5 total so this is probably not it but only the ones I interacted with many times/had beans out for stayed. Probably just random variation but whatever