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And how much time will take it when you put pokebeans?

Isle Evelup isn't a very good method for EV training in general, it can take multiple days to max out a Pokemon's EVs. Using an SOS chain and corresponding Power item is a much faster method, the only difficulty is getting your hands on all the Power items -- though you could try renting a team through Global Link and using that to collect BP. In the end I've been able to max Pokemon in under 20 minutes using this method.

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Assuming you have the island fully developed, each session takes a half hour (reduced to 15 minutes if you put Poke Beans in the box), and gives 4 EVs to each Pokemon you've signed up for the training session in that particular stat. As such, it's useless to specify more than 63 sessions for anything except the XP reward, as the stat you choose will be fully EV-maxed after those sessions, 31 and a half hours later.

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But 31 and half with be with the pokebeans or without them?
That's without beans.