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I am EV training my goodra, and wanted to put 44 EVs into its speed. So I gave it a power anklet, and beat six zubats, to give a total of 54 EVs, then fed it a tamato berry to reduce 10. But even then it had more than a 100 EVs.
I am sure it doesn't have pokerus, so what is the issue?

Were you SOS chaining the Zubat you knocked out?

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Pretty sure you were SOS chaining. If you beat 6 Zubats in a SOS battle, then it is right. Defeating Pokemon in SOS battle gives more EVs than normal.

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That, and the Power Items were buffed in Gen 7 - they now give 8 extra EVs in their corresponding stat rather than 4, which is further doubled by SOS chaining.
I didn't know that, thanks!