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I was surprised to read that Pokemon with incomplete EVs are supposed to have yellow and orange maps, and turn blue only with 510 EVs. Also, they're supposed to sparkle when maxed. But all of my Pokemon, even the ones who have never been in battle, have blue maps, and also I just spent a good few hours EV training my Lunala and kept careful track of everything, but its stats won't sparkle. Should I just write my game up as glitchy? Is this a common thing? Or should I do something? I just don't want all my hard work on Lunala to be in vain!


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No, you press Y while at the summary screen to see the newly-gained EV stats. Hope you have a wonderful time EV training.

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This is correct -- just wanted to add in for clarity, unless you press the 'Y' button, the graph data will always be shaded blue. It should look like this when you press Y and the EVs are maxed: https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/evs.jpg