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My friend and I do a lot of normal battles. What I want to know is if I bring a fully trained Pokémon except in levels (let's say level 7 Blissey) when it changes the level to 50, will it still add in all the IV's and EV's as if it was level 50?

When I say changes to 50, I mean when the battle is starting and every Pokémon has its level set to 50, whether it's above or below.

I'm pretty sure that whenever a Pokemon changes level, its stats are completely recalculated.
By the way, Chansey is almost always better than Blissey because eviolite boosts its defenses by a lot.
Just an example sunwun.

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Yes, EVs and IVs will be considered when the Pokémon is auto-levelled to 50.

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Thank you. This will be helpful since I will no longer have to worry about leveling every thing to 50