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Why, the Kelpsy Berry is your solution!

The Kelpsy Berry is a berry that, in Generation V and VI, reduces the Attack EV back to 100 (assuming it's over 100) and then decreases the Attack EV by 10.

You can also use the Reset Bag in Super Training, but that removes all EVs gained in the Attack EV entirely.

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A reset bag doesn't just remove the attack EVs, it removes ALL EVs.
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Use Kelpsy Berries. The initial use will bring the total attack EV count to 100 if it was over 100. After that, or if the count wasn't over 100, they will bring down the EV count by 10.

You could also use a Reset Bag obtained in Super Training. This will reset all your EVs, so don't use this if you want to keep the rest of your EVs.

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  • Use a Reset Bag in Super Training on the Pokemon. This will remove all your EVs, including Attack. So if you want to keep other EVs in other stats or you want to lower Attack EVs by a certain amount, this is not ideal.

  • Use a Kelpsy Berry on the Pokemon.

>If you have over 100 EVs in a stat, the first berry will reduce them to 100, while further berries will decrease the EVs by 10. ~ PokemonDB's EVs page

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