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I need help with what evs are and how to breed them.

You might be getting EVs confused with IVs, since you can control IVs with breeding unlike EVs which are added by defeating Pokemon, among other things.

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Welll for one, EVs aren't bred, they're given to your Pokemon in battle.

Each Pokemon give you a certain amount of EVs in one stat if you defeat them (or catch them in gen 6). The website will tell you what Pokemon give what EVs. There's also many guides on the internet. But I'll give you the basics.

You can have a maximum of 510 EVs TOTAL in one Pokemon. However, one stat can't have all 510 of them. One stat can only have a maximum of about half (252). If you want a good Pokemon in battle, not only will you have to breed for good IVs, you'll have to fight the right Pokemon that give you the EVS you want. An easy way to do this is fighting hordes of Pokemon. In ORAS, there's a horde whose Pokemon give off EVs of any stat, but they're in different areas.

Know the disease Pokerus? It actually doubles your EV gain in battle. So if a Whismur gave you one HP EV, you'd get two because of the Pokerus. Another thing you can use for EV gain is the Power Items (anklet, band, etc.) There's one for every stat, so give one to your Pokemon if you want it to be trained faster in a certain stat. And yes, Pokerus and the Power items stack, so you can get a lot of EVS from fighting one Pokemon.

One last option is Super Training. It's a much slower, but more accurate process to EV train. It's really only good if you want to split your EVs up perfectly if you want to spread them to more than two stats.

That's the basics. If you need further help, there's a lot of guides on this stuff online so take a look if needed.

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EVs, short for Effort Value(s), are what you get for beating certain Pokemon. This also makes stats go up, even though that Pokemon hasn't gained a level. The EVs are:

  • HP (Health Point(s))
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Special Attack
  • Special Defense
  • Speed

Based off of what Pokemon you faint whilst in battle you will earn the corresponding EVs from it. Slaking, for example, after you faint it in battle, it will give the maximum of 3 HP EVs to the Pokemon who fainted it.

Competitive Play

EVs and IVs (Indiviual Value(s)) in the heat of the Competitive Play are too important to even forget about. Competitve Players send there time breeding, IV checking, and EV training to even be worried about anything else. This is where the full explanation of EVs begin.

EVs, first hand, are VERY much said in competitve play because it will calculate if your Pokemon can take a hit, be much faster, or hit much harder than others. This was now made easy thanks to Super Training, but even harder because you didn't know how much EVs you'ved trained for. So then hassles be done and gone there and here, but EVs are still very much said and done in competitive.
To sum it all up:

EVs, short for effort value(s), are what you gain towards defeating a Pokemon. They don't matter in-game, however they are widely used in competitive play. EVs are much random if you don't know who earns them and who even has which ones in the first place, however made simple with the Super Training.