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My Pokemon lost their pokerus which is understandable since I left them in party overnight. However, they don't have the little smiley! Also, I was able to re-infect them! What's going on?

If it's a hacked version since I did get original virus from wondertrade, would re-infecting with legit pokerus allow Pokemon to obtain the smiley?

This won't affect my Pokemon at all will it? Like make them illegitimate or unable to participate on battle-spot?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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>Did you get the Pokérus in question via a trade? If so, it's entirely possible they might have sneaked the hacked strain #0 through the Transporter and somehow traded it to you. Strain #0 is a one-day strain that, after the one day ticks, leaves no trace that the infected ever had Pokérus. As the developers intend for a Pokémon infected to never be able to contract it again, they don't make strain #0 legitimately obtainable.

>The possibility that you forgot to save after spreading the infection also exists...

This could be your problem, your Pokerus might have been obtained illegally. Obviously getting it again legally this time would result in a smiley face to appear.

Hope I helped. :)

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That's called PASSIVE POKERUS, passive pokerus has the same effect as active pokerus(the normal one). However, a Pokemon with passive pokerus cannot infect other Pokemon, unlike active pokerus. To, retrieve the active pokerus, have a Pokemon with the active one in your party.

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