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Hi everyone,
I recently bought Alpha Sapphire and the game turned out to be recycled, which basically means the game had been already played on, so I decided to go ahead and try to reset my save file with UP + B + X all at the same time. This just went back to the intro animation.
I've tried this command at least five times, each time just going back to the intro animation. After the intro I waited about a minute for an alert to pop up about resetting my save file, nothing did.

Please help me! I hate playing on other peoples games, I really like to have the new experience myself, and this person had been so far into the game that there's really no point in playing it.

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You say that the game goes back to the intro animation. Would that be because you're entering the command on the save file menu? If so, this may be where you've gone wrong. The code will only work if you enter it on the main title screen -- that is, the one with Primal Kyogre on it. If you press Up, B and X simultaneously when that screen appears, the game should give the option to reset the save file. Also make sure you're pressing up on the dpad, not the circle pad.

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