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I want to download sapphire when it comes in the e-shop, so I can shiny hunt Kyogre, but if I have it, is it possible to transfer it to Ultra Sun because it is na old game and it is downloaded?

The original Ruby and Sapphire are never going to release on the 3DS eShop. 3DS Virtual Console doesn't do GBA games.

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Yes, Pokémon bank also works with Downloaded game. But Pokébank doesn't work with Sapphire.

Transferring Pokemon from Gen 3 to Gen 7 is pretty hard!
Step 1: Transfer a Pokémon from Sapphire to a Gen 4 game using Pal Park!
Step 2: Transfer it from a Gen 4 game to a Gen 5 game!
Step: Then Transfer it to Ultra Sun Using Poké Transfer!

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