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So I've restarted both my y and or, and now I can't use pokebank, it tells me I used a different game but I've restarted, and it tells me to insert it when it detects the resettled one. What do I do?

That makes no sense. I restarted both of my games and I never got anything like that. Maybe you got to beat the in-game mode first?
have you reached the first pokecentre? I think its the one in Santalune City. I think you need to have access to a pokecentre before using pokebank.
I've completed or but not y, if I can find out how to post pictures I will
i've never had an issue using the pokebank before the first pokecenter in x and i've restarted it several times
I'm in santalune on y, could that be the problem? And no pokes in the PC either

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You must obtain the Pokedex first.

Your game cannot be used on Pokemon Bank until you have obtained the Pokedex, and as well as some Pokemon in the PC. Not exactly sure how many, but enough to be stored into Pokemon Bank.

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you don't need any pokemon in your pc.  i've done many restarts of my x game and never had any pokemon in the pc before doing so.
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Hi, I am new to this and you are probably wondering why you can't transfer Pokemon in pokebank. I really don't like the system because it is annoying to use.

First off, it can be your wifi. It could also be that you are not saving after transferring the Pokemons. Third, maybe the Pokemon are hacked. Lastly, it might be that you ran out of days to transfer Pokemon and probably have to pay for one year which I believe is 5.99 dollars with tax.