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The title probably didn't explain much, but I can't find a clear answer anywhere, so here is my question.
Can you use a TM, such as Power-Up Punch, that isn't in the latest game, on a Pokemon in a gen 6 game (or transferred down from a gen 7 game) then PokeBank it up? So you could have, in the latest gen, for example, a Kangaskhan which knows Power Up Punch.


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Yes, you can, actually. Pokebank won't change/replace any of your moves, and it's why Smogon still has old moves in their move-sets. However, you cannot transfer a gen 7 Pokemon down because of location and other coding issues that may occur.
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I have some transferred Pokemon with Power-up-Punch. Hope I helped!

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thanks :)
Can i have a kangaskhan please?